"Tall guy with a camera"

That's pretty much how I've been described since I began shooting in 2014. My early career was spent working in a local photography studio, learning from a 40 year veteran of the industry. Over the next few years I'd continue to learn everything I possible could, and find the things I really love to shoot. In 2016, I decided to revisit a childhood dream of making movies, and began studying Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University.

Photographer standing on abandoned plane covered in graffiti.

Around 2018, my creative journey took an unexpected turn into the music industry. The next couple years were spent creating content of today's hottest country artists, and Iowa's favorite local acts. Things got pretty strange when the pandemic hit, all of the concerts, and action events being cancelled, pushed me to explore the commercial world more. Today, my creative career is more diverse than I ever imagined it would, and it will only continue to expand!

When I'm not creating, I work in agriculture helping farmers produce crops to power the world. I enjoy anything outdoors, exploring and documenting abandoned places, and smoking meats! Pretty much anything adventurous, or a little crazy is hard for me to resist!

Let's get adventurous with your ideas and create something memorable

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